countable and uncountable; woods

wood (countable and uncountable; plural woods)

  1. (uncountable) A forested or wooded area, most often used in the plural: "he got lost in the woods beyond Seattle".
  2. (uncountable) The substance making up the central part of the trunk and branches of a tree. Used as a material for construction, to manufacture various items, etc. or as fuel.
  3. (countable) As the previous but referring to a particular wood, i.e. a wood that is recognized as such in the trade. "Teak is much used for outdoor benches, but a number of other woods are also suitable, such as ipé, redwood, etc".
  4. (countable) A type of golf club the head of which is frequently made of wood.
  5. (slang) an erection

4 letters in word "wood": D O O W.

No anagrams for wood found in this word list.

Words found within wood:

do doo dow od oo ow wo woo

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